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Rental Ownership Program

Update on how we're handling COVID-19:

We’re taking extra precautions by leaving gaps between rentals of at least 7 days (through June 15th) prior to fully sanitizing and preparing our vehicles for upcoming rentals.

We will continue to revise our policies accordingly during this rapidly evolving time.

All forms, including check out are being completed electronically, prior to pickup. Customers are responsible to photograph any damage that is not indicated on their check out form and to email the pictures to and call to notify our rental manager of the damage at 1-888-539-3333, prior to departure.

Verification of ID and original signatures on credit card payments will be required, prior to departure, while following social distancing procedures.

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Have you ever considered the purchase of a recreational vehicle and then gave it no further thought because of the following concerns: initial cost, additional taxes, limited utilization, insurance, maintenance, parking, storage, and depreciation?

The Rental Ownership Program at Outdoor Travel will turn all of these negatives into advantages that will benefit you personally. This plan will allow you to own a motorhome or trailer and benefit from the following:

H.S.T. on the purchase of your vehicle is REFUNDABLE

  • Tax deductible - financing interest
  • Tax deductible - insurance
  • Tax deductible - maintenance
  • Tax deductible - licensing fees
  • Tax deductible - depreciation of your RV
  • Substantial cash flow
  • Free Storage

Truly the Perfect Business

Your motorhome or trailer has the potential to be marketed and managed professionally, by an established and internationally recognized Canadian company, Outdoor Travel.

As the sole owner of a specific motorhome or trailer, there are no restrictions on personal use. At a leisurely pace you can enjoy holidays with your family and friends, while visiting points of interest anywhere in North America.

Outdoor Travel acts as your manager to promote, manage, clean, and look after your RV. It's Outdoor Travel's success being published in brochures of tour operators worldwide, which makes this program possible. The beautiful thing about the rental income you earn is that it's tax free. HST is refunded to you as an input tax credit.

Outdoor Travel's licensed service mechanics perform all required maintenance, while our top notch housekeeping staff keep's your RV sparkling clean. If you like the idea of rental clients paying the majority of your costs towards owning a recreational vehicle, ask one of our sales professionals for more details on this fantastic opportunity

For more information contact us or call: (905) 548-8585

Disclaimer: Tax benefits may change or have various interpretations. We make no claim as to what the tax benefits may be, if any relate to you.

Outdoor Travel

We’re here to serve the needs of our customers, while keeping everyone’s safety top of mind!

  • RV Specialists available through virtual tours and by personalized appointment
  • Financing with Deferred payment options available.
  • Curbside pickup and home delivery options available
  • Essential service & parts available, with drop-off, and curbside pickup available.
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