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Service Work & Repair Offerings 

Towing Baseplate Installation

Here we installed a complete baseplate onto a brand new mini cooper. This allows the motor home owners to tow their vehicle with the utmost convenience while ensuring even tire wear on their vehicle. This way the RVer’s can set up camp virtually anywhere and use the towed car for local exploring and errands.

Off-the-Grid: Installation of a solar panel charging system with built in inverter

Every dream about going off-the-grid and not look back? That’s exactly what this power upgrade gives RVer’s. With the installation of 3 solar panels, 5 batteries, a generator, an inverter and an interior charge controller center this Reflection is equipped to head into the wild, where they are no power hook ups.

Full installtion of Fifth Wheel Rear Fiberglass Cap

This project required us to remove the entire damaged end cap, clean the interior wall, fully insulate the area and mount the new end cap. Following, we installed the window and wired the tail lights. We completed this repair by connecting the ladder and with precise application of Sanibel decals.

Rear bumper repair & paint

Rear bumper repair and paint, before and after.

Complete Rubber Roof Replacement

Complete rubber roof replacement, before, during and after.

Slide Topper Installation

Installation of slide topper, before, during and after.

Maxx Air Installation

Did you know? Vent covers are a great add-on to any RV. They allow you to leave your vents open during transit and when it rains. They increase air flow and add value to your RV.