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Dealership History & Mission

Dealership History

Established in 1992, Outdoor Travel has grown to become a premier RV recreational dealer in the Golden Horseshoe region. Throughout our tenure, we have strived to include the best possible customer service with top-notch repair/maintenance work and comprehensive new and used vehicle inventories.

Outdoor Travel was founded 18 years ago by Ken Whiting, member of the Whiting family, which is currently based in the Hamilton and surrounding areas, Outdoor Travel has continued to expand, as it now serves all of the Golden Horseshoe area with new and pre-owned RV's.

Over the years, Outdoor Travel has grown in its current location, as we now offer a state-of-the-art showroom, Parts & Service Centers and a Finance Department. Whether you are in need of a new RV vehicle, or parts/service for your current vehicle, Outdoor Travel is here to assist you with any of your vehicle needs!

At Outdoor Travel, we look forward to serving you, our valued customer, for years to come. Please stop by our dealership, located at 4888 South Service Rd, Beamsville, ON, L0R1B1 and speak with one of our representatives today!

Our Company Mission Statement:

We are a full service dealership providing products, services, and rental to RV (motor home & travel trailer) enthusiasts and novices.

Our Vision:

To be the top performing, values driven dealer of choice that is recognized for bettering the lives of our customers, employees, owners, and others in the communities we serve.

We will achieve our mission and vision by adhering to our core values of:

Integrity - Doing the right thing to earn trust and build sound long term relationships by:

  • Communicating the truth honestly and respectfully
  • Being fair, reasonable, and objective with all
  • Making only commitments the company can honor and delivering on our promises
  • Conforming to all legal and ethical obligations
  • Being responsible and accountable for our actions

Success - Achieving financial stability and success by:

  • Being profitable and cost effective
  • Operating from sound goals and plans
  • Successfully selling and providing superior value
  • Managing our resources to provide a reasonable return for our efforts, risks, and investments
  • Continually developing our people, improving our processes, and reducing costs and waste

Excellence - Consistently meeting or exceeding expectations by:

  • Setting high performance standards and achieving our plans with superior results
  • Delivering what we promise in a timely manner
  • Anticipate and identify needs and provide solutions to meet those needs conducting ourselves in ways to produce positive responses for our professionalism
  • Continually improving performance and productivity

Teamwork - Working together towards an environment that is productive and satisfying by:

  • Building sound relationships on trust by demonstrating openness with the group and one another
  • Engaging in productive and respectful, unfiltered communication by openly listening and cooperating in seeking solutions
  • Clearly defining and committing to company goals, measurement and follow up
  • Holding ourselves and one another accountable for delivering on our company goals and for actions that are beneficial to the team
  • Encouraging teamwork and initiative