5 essentials to pack for your next road trip

One of the nice things about owning an RV is having virtually everything at your fingertips: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, TV, couch – you name it. Going on a road trip in an RV means you don’t have to worry about the variety of little things that you would have to think about if you were travelling in a regular vehicle. However, there are still some essentials that you want to pack before you hit the open road.

1. A big playlist: A lot of compartments and features in an RV or motorhome are built to be compact – but when it comes to music, it’s ok to go big. Having a playlist (with 1000 songs for example) can help take your mind off the road when it’s congested and provide lots of sing-along opportunities. All of our RV inventory including: Georgetown, Lexington, Forester, Sunseeker, Montana vehicles have IPod or MP3 connectivity so you can plug in your playlist and go. If you’re travelling with the family, be sure to include a variety of music styles that everyone can enjoy.

2. A camera: There’s nothing worse than wanting to take a photo and not having your camera or phone handy. Whether it’s a multi-coloured sunset, the night sky lit up with stars or animals in their natural habitat – there are so many moments you will want to capture.

3. Audio books: Entertainment is key on long road trips. If you’re tired of listening to music, why not listen to an audio book? It’s great for helping the kids get to bed or for when you want enjoy a good book without losing time. Audio books make it easy to enjoy the ride while learning a little something too.

4. Sports equipment: Being part of the RV lifestyle means being active! Stop in any campground or conservation area and have some fun! Bring any sporting equipment (soccer ball, baseball mitt, football) or bring your rollerblades, bike or Frisbee if sports isn’t your game.

5. Comfortable shoes: No matter where you are travelling, comfortable shoes are a must! Invest in a good pair of walking shoes or running shoes, depending on what outdoor activities you will be doing. When you’re exploring the world on your feet, being comfortable helps to make any experience more enjoyable!

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