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Basic facts about RV generators for travel trailers

First of all the only time you would need a generator on a travel trailer is if you plan to do some dry camping, without electricity. If this is the case you would need the generator to operate the air conditioner, microwave, TV or any 120 volt appliances, the refrigerator in the electric mode and your 120 volt outlets.

Classes of RVs

Classes of RV's

Recreational vehicles are divided into two basic categories: motorized RVs and towable RVs. In turn, each category contains several classes.

Motorized RVs: An RV built on or as an integral part of a self-propelled motor vehicle chassis, combining transportation and living quarters in one unit.

Driving an RV is easier than you think

I'll never forget my first trip in my first motorhome. Before I had logged two hours, I had nearly killed a Reno, Nev., motorcycle cop.

"You changed lanes and nearly ran me off the road ," he said as he wrote my ticket.

My problem, I later concluded, was that I did not properly adjust my rear view mirrors on my new rig. If I had, I would have seen the policeman and not changed lanes right on top of him.

How to maintain RV Black and Grey water holding tanks

Everyone who owns an RV should be concerned with maintaining its wastewater tanks. Problems with wastewater tanks that can be avoided should be avoided. Wastewater tank repair is expensive. Due to health concerns, many service facilities will not work on wastewater tanks and lines until the tanks have been completely emptied and sanitized.

Is a Trailer or a Motorhome better for you?

For many RVers, the first big decision is whether to buy a motorized or non-motorized rig. The two most popular types are the travel trailer and the motorhome, with variations including the folding camping trailer (also called pop up or tent trailer), truck camper, and fifth wheeler.

Renting is a great way to learn if the RV lifestyle is for you

Vacation travel can often be fraught with hassles, especially for the very young and elderly. But traveling in a recreation vehicle (RV) lets anyone feel at home, even as the view out the window constantly changes. There are no lines to wait in at airports or motel lobbies, no luggage to pack and unpack, and you sleep in the same comfy bed night after night. At mealtime, stop by a cafe along the road, or just pull over and prepare your own meal.

RVing with kids is a special treat

For four months in 1994, I lived and worked in a 24-foot Tioga mini-motorhome with my wife and then-2 1/2-year-old daughter Emily. We traveled 17,000 marvelous miles, through 33 states, on a media tour sponsored by the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association. Our assignment: talk with newspaper and TV reporters about how great it was to camp with our child in an RV. And so we did, day after day, week after week, month after month in cities across America. It was, I must say, a dream assignment.

Technology’s Imprint on RVing

The way I travel with my RV today is far different from when I began. Change has come ever-so-slowly in one way, but so very fast in another. It’s like the “tick, tick” of the clock where we don’t see the time actually moving but one day we realize that it has, and that much has changed.

Our RVs are nicer now. They are made better. They look better. And I think for those of us with motorhomes, they perform better with more dependable engines. But our habits have changed, in large part because of technology.

The Way We RV is Changing

RVtravel.com editor Chuck Woodbury recently returned from a two-month trek through 26 states. Along the way he visited the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) rally in Indianapolis and America’s Largest RV Show in Hershey, Pa.

“I had hoped that in attending the events and talking with RVers in campgrounds that I could gain some insights into the current state of RVing,” he said. “What I learned is that RVing is as popular as ever, but the way we do it is changing.”

What's Best? A Gas or Deisel Powered Motorhome

One cost less, one climbs hill better. . . so which is your choice?

You've found the motorhome of your dreams and just one question remains: gas or diesel? Most Class A manufacturers now offer at least one model with a diesel pusher engine, forcing the question of which type is indeed better.

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