5 Family Camping Essentials

Family camping trips have a lot to offer, from travel and adventure, to family bonding time. Taking a break from your busy schedule to explore nature with your children can be a relaxing getaway—just make sure to pack everything you need!

Here is a list of five camping essentials to make packing for your family camping trip a little easier:

1. Walkie Talkies: Your kids will most likely meet other children on the campground who they want to play with. With Walkie Talkies, you can communicate with your kids while they’re at other campsites. Another great advantage of Walkie Talkies is that you don’t have to worry about poor cell phone reception.

2. Wet Wipes: When you’re camping, you might not always have easy access to soap and water. And let’s face it—kids can be messy. It’s a good idea to have wet wipes on hand so you can clean up dirty faces and hands without having to make a trip to the washroom.

3. A First Aid Kit: It’s important to be prepared for the unexpected—especially when you’re not close to medical assistance. From sunburns to scraped knees, you never know what might happen on your family camping trip. Your First Aid Kit should contain (among other things): aloe vera, bandages, tweezers, insect bite relief, allergy relief medicine, ibuprofen, disinfectant and a thermometer.

4. A Deck of Cards: It’s great to have a deck of cards in case of a rainy day or if your kids are looking for something to keep them preoccupied while you’re making dinner. It’s amazing how many games you can play with one little deck of cards!

5. Beach Toys: Do yourself a favour and make sure you bring toys for your children to play with. Buckets for making sandcastles, a Frisbee, a beach ball and water guns are all great options.

These five items will help ensure that your family camping trip runs smoothly, whether you’re camping in a tent, a travel trailer or an RV. If you’re interested in renting an RV to make your family camping trip more comfortable, check out Outdoor Travel‘s RV Rentals.

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